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White foods: 银耳 - features: 富含维生素D和硒等微量元素; functions: 能防止钙的流失,还能增强肌体抗肿瘤的免疫能力; benefits: 益气清肠 安眠健胃 养阴清热 润燥护肤; 安神助眠的佳品 百合 - features: 含有生物素、秋水碱等多种生物碱和营养物质 functions: 营养滋补,特别是对病后体弱、神经衰弱等症大有裨益 benefits: 润肺、清心、调中,可止咳、止血、开胃、安神 淮山 - functions: 补气养生 增强免疫力 安神醒目 促进身体血液循环, benefits: ...
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People say that your listing 3 things you are grateful for in life or 3 events that have gone well over the past 7 days can increase happiness for about ...
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Despite incredible improvements in health since 1950, there are still a number of challenges, which should have been easy to solve. Consider the following: One billion people lack access to ...
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First one was awarded in 1969 - to Professor Frisch and Professor Tinbergen, on their pioneering work of development of economics into a mathematically-specified and quantitatively-determined science, which contributed to ...
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