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Classic TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Knowledge:

  1. Yellow Emperor Canon - the earliest extant canon of TCM

    1. Three Basic Characteristics:

      • Promote coexistence with disease instead of destroying disease
      • Promote peace with nature and society
      • Promote a person centered approach that is based on philosophy, to balance Ying and Yang
    2. Three Secrets to Longevity

      • Keep peaceful emotion with an open mind and a kind heart
      • Adapt well to the Seasons and lead an orderly daily life
      • Balance your diet with the 5 flavors (sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty) well to supply body with what it needs
  2. Yin and Yang Foods:

    • a basic concept in TCM. The Chinese symbol for Yin is the shady side of a hill, while the symbol for Yang is the sunny side.
      The food grouping is based on their effects on the body and not on the physical nature or temperature of the foods itself.
    1. Yin Foods:

      leafy greens, potato, tomato, coffee
    2. Yang Foods:

      fish, pountry, red meat, eggs.

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