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Vital Behavior

Some known vital behaviors
Vital Behavior in Weight Loss

1.log the food / exercise you enjoy every day

2.log the weight every day

your brain will automatically get to 'see' the correlation between what you 'input' to your body and what your 'output' is - once your brain 'see' the 'cause - effect' mental map, your brain will choose to do the right thing and you'll achieve what you desire!

Vital Behavior in Teaching

1.praise student's efforts only - no criticism in any form - this sets a positive learning environment that encourages the efforts

2.quiz frequently to reinforce the knowledge taught - this give student chance to learn the facts if missed earlier or repeat the knowledge already learnt - either way, the knowledge is now mastered!

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About Vital Behavior

* A vital behavior is a "high leverage" specific action that can not only lead one to the desired outcome but also the success is repeatable.

* The most important capacity you possess is your ability to influence behavior.

• Learn known vital behaviors to help you achieve success you want in the most effective way

• Explore with others like minded folks to figure out new vital behaviors to benefit yourself and share with others too

• Life is like a boomerang, what you give, is what you get back - start learning, giving and contributing today!

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