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3 kinds of Sleep Problems: Which one is keeping YOU awake?

Posted by: ez075318 on Sept. 6, 2013

3 kinds of Sleep Problems: Which one is keeping YOU awake?

1) we can add proper message to Knowledge area as sleep is very important and people really need the knowledge to get a good sleep - the understanding at the molecule level is very helpful - we can provide understanding of different level so different people can choose the one they feel natural about and also investigate other explanations to benefit from the knowledge 2) we can develop tool so people can easily use food to get the nutrients they want - in another word, our tool enable people to design their diet and optimize their body Obviously they are trying to sell their nutrition supplement - we are trying to give people tools so they can get enough nutrients from food they enjoy - it's up to people to choose what they like - the pill way or the natural way. I personally prefer the natural way as it ...

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