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"CAN VA" - The Formula to End a Meeting with Successful Outcome

Posted by: yulin on March 11, 2015

"CAN VA" - The Formula to End a Meeting with Successful Outcome

"CAN VA" - Completion, Alignment, Next steps, Value, Acknowledgement To get the most of any meeting and maximize the impact, we need to actively design the conversation. 1) Set up each conversation so everyone knows the intended outcomes and how to participate. 2) Manage the conversation rigorously so the discussion stays on track and everyone is engaged. 3) Close the conversation to ensure alignment, clarity on next steps, and awareness for the value created. "CAN VA" is the formula to end a meeting with maximum impact: 1) check for completion 2) check for alignment 3) agree on next steps 4) reflect on the value of what you accomplished 5) check for acknowledgement Source: https://hbr.org/2015/03/the-right-way-to-end-a-meeting

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