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Best Way to Spend the First 10 Minutes of Your Day

Posted by: yulin on June 22, 2014

Best Way to Spend the First 10 Minutes of Your Day

A better approach is to begin your day with a brief planning session. 1) Ask yourself this question the moment you sit at your desk: The day is over and I am leaving the office with a tremendous sense of accomplishment. What have I achieved? 2) Then—and this is important—create a plan of attack by breaking down complex tasks into specific actions. Starting each item on your list with a verb, which is useful because it makes your intentions concrete. For example, instead of listing “Monday’s presentation,” identify every action item that creating Monday’s presentation will involve. You may end up with: collect sales figures, draft slides, and incorporate images into deck. 3) Finally, prioritize your list. The entire exercise can take you less than 10 minutes. Yet it’s a practice that yields significant dividends throughout your day. You no longer have to pause and think through each step. Instead, ...

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