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Some Common Diet Mistakes People Make

Posted by: yulin on July 14, 2011

Some Common Diet Mistakes People Make

Correcting mistakes in diet can easily and quickly help people enhance health toward optimal health. Many mistakes are related to imbalance of nutrients. We sincerely hope this small reference can be used as a mirror to help people spot their current problems so that they can choose to bring the balance back by taking some specific actions relevant to their own situations. Here are some common mistakes people make: 1) Too much carbohydrates, especially sugar 2) Wrong kinds of fat 3) Too much protein 4) Imbalance of mineral intake 5) Not enough vitamins 6) Not enough water Here are more details about each mistake: 1) Carbohydrates related Our body's fat-burning switch is insulin - a 'Storage' hormone. It is flipped to the 'On' position if too much carbohydrates are in the diet as it causes insulin to shoot up. We'd like to have insulin at a nice moderate to low ...

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